NONPROFIT BRANDING: Know What They Are Talking About?

Printers, graphic designers and promotional products vendors have their own languages.

To help you understand their terms and concepts, the Nonprofit Branding Blog offers a cool images (10)glossary. Need to decode their jargon.  Click the “FACTLETS”  tab at the top of this page. See? You just found the glossary. It will help you deal with promotional products vendors and other specialists.

Now, here’s a story of why you need to know the terminology. Many years ago, while answering a question about matching her logo color on an imprinted mug, I asked a caller “Do you have the PMS.”

“Well, yes,” she replied in a frosty tone – “not that it’s any of your business!”

Quickly I explained that PMS is a printer’s term. It is the abbreviation for Pantone Matching System, the universal numeric color-matching tool used to precisely match colors for printing. The photo on the left shows a few PMS pages fanned out, part of a PMS book that features hundreds and hundreds of gradations of color, each with a numerical indicator  that translates into a color recipe for the printer.

We did solve her logo problem that day – with a PMS number. Then Janice and I decided to add a Glossary of professional terms to our website & blog.

This post introduces that glossary. It’s a professional tool that nonpofit marketing folks use extensively. Wonder what kind of material it contains? Following is a quick tease to show you. I pasted abbreviated examples of some definitions – each one truncated about half-way through. (This IS a tease, remember. We want you to check the Glossary yourself.)

Biowashed – to achieve a subtle used appearance, some shirts and caps are dyed normally and then put through a washing cycle with mild solvents and some rocks or similar items to….….….

Bonding – two fabrics can be permanently attached through heat-sealing to form a heavier bonded fabric with the surfaces of each fabric on alternate sides. This is a way to produce inexpensive, durable……

Butt Register – touching two colors in an imprint. While this is simple to achieve when printing on paper, it can be tricky when……..

Cloisonné – a great look for emblematic jewelry, authentic cloisonné requires different colors of finely ground glass to be hand applied to a piece of metal that has been prepared with…….

CMYK – printer-talk for the standard four colors that a printer will sequentially pass over a surface to build a full-color process imprint. Those colors are specific shades of……

Color on Color – an imprinting technique that applies a logo in a shade that is slightly – but only slightly – different from the color of the surface to which it is applied. In embroidery, because of the difference in texture…….

Continuity Program – a fundamental technique which builds repeat contributions by offering premiums in…..

Graphic Standards – your organization’s requirements for reproducing its graphics and branding elements on all surfaces. Stated in printer-speak and designer-speak, the graphic standards specify such things as……

Marketing Mix – the elements of a marketing program. Example: a marketing mix designed to support a fundraising campaign could include……

Overrun – the better factories in the promotional products industry imprint a larger quantity than an order requires. In the post-production quality control process inspectors examine all products and……

Get the picture. These are examples of professional terms that will help you manage marketing activities and deal with graphic artists, printers and promotional products vendors. Don’t let them have the upper hand – speak their language!

Remember this Glossary. It’s  a treasure trove of decoded jargon. It will be here when you need it.  Just click the FACTLETS tab at the top of this page.


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