Nonprofit Branding: I Told The President He Was An A**hole

This headache just won't go awayTold the other vice presidents they were A**holes, too. At the same time. In front of each other.  The comment just blurted out of my mouth!

That was my third Day On The Job!

There is no excuse for making that comment in my first meeting with new colleagues. But after my outburst they calmed down and saw my point. I doubt they agreed with the label I gave them – but they sure changed their ways.

From this weird incident I learned a lesson that applies to all directors and to all administrators in all nonprofits. And it’s not the lesson you are expecting……

I had accidentally discovered a pretty cool way to evaluate people – those you are hiring, those you work with and those you work for. It’s more than cool – it is an essential, penetrating tool to help you measure your professional colleagues



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