Nonprofit Branding: Pompous Ass? Or Articulate Professional?

MoniqueAre you a Super Cool Big-Word Person?  A Jargon Junkie? Don’t you know professional jargon may earn a smug nod of appreciation from those who also take jargon baths – but it also gets a WTF? reaction from everyone else. 

Even kids see through that baloney!

A psychologist would say the use of fancy-ass terminology may seem so elite to the user actually reveals personal and/or professional insecurity. Yet jargon abounds throughout the nonprofit conversation – in our  literature, our blogs, our LinkedIn groups and our conference presentations.   

Big words fool little people. Why should you take that risk?

One thought on “Nonprofit Branding: Pompous Ass? Or Articulate Professional?

  1. One of my favorite John Burke rants (and I’ve been privy to many JB rants over the last 30+ years). What he left out (the part that most amused me) is that the phrase he quoted (“pejorative about the interdigitation of disparate loci”) was completely random. John sat there, facing the university president, and decided he would memorize the NEXT sentence to come out of said president’s mouth.

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