Don’t Damage Your Brand (Part Two)

iStock_000011530241XSmallYou get it, right? You are not one of this nonprofit execs with his or her head in the sand. Maybe you saw Part One of this series. Or maybe you just have the sense or experience to understand two principles:

(1) Logo-imprinted branding products are a BIG Deal in nonprofit marketing. (See how BIG below.)

(2) They can also screw up your brand if you don’t buy and use them wisely! 

Here we comment on the factory process that makes these products. And the second factory that imprints your logo. We explain how they can damage your brand due to financial pressure or excess competition or a blip in the supply line or just employee indifference. 

AND….as always – we emphasize this:  because nonprofit organizations operate in an affinity market as opposed to a commercial market, they must protect themselves from this vulnerability.

Learn the lessons here. Then you can use branding products with confidence, knowing the nonprofit sector is the nation’s largest consumer of logoware, with annual purchases between $3 & $4 billion. (BILLION!)

Part Two is below. Here is the link to Part One.

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