Nonprofit Branding: Process Is Nice: Results Are Essential!

mqdefaultWe’re starting a conversation about Strategic Planning. A highly regarded nonprofit exercise. Often a waste of time.

Take it too seriously, make it too rigorous and strategic planning becomes a can of worms. With little long-term impact. And with much short-term disruption.

These are initial comments. They will irritate some folks. I’ll have more to say in future posts. And cause more irritation. But….in time I will win some converts.


3 thoughts on “Nonprofit Branding: Process Is Nice: Results Are Essential!

  1. This is a great video, and excellent point. My organization has just wrapped up a year-long strategic planning process that was helpful, but so comprehensive that it’s not always been easy to execute afterwards. It’s still too soon to know what the results will be, but I wish I had been able to implement earlier on in our daily operations (as our consultant advised, though which had it’s own set of challenges). That would have made things a lot easier, I think. Sometimes I think over-preparation is another type of procrastination. Results, in the end, drive everything else you do. Good video, thanks for sharing.

    • WOW, Stephen! A copy of your comment came in by email, and I had to hustle over to the blog to see which of my rants had earned such praise. You are very kind and I really appreciate your comments. Thanks!! (I hope you watch other videos and read the printed material, too.)

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