Harley Davidson, Your Nonprofit & a Mystery of Life!

MB900399956Hard to believe – more money is spent on products with Harley Davidson logos than on the actual motorcycles. Much more money!

Revenue from garish caps, shirts, jackets, and banners greatly exceeds revenue from noisy metal.

Rejoice! This proves a point about branding. 

Your logo has more leverage than you realize. A useful product with your logo spotlights your mission. And does much more…. When displayed by its owner, that branding product is a nonverbal statement of personal values and personal affinity. Just like those  ubiquitous Harley Davidson products and tattoos.

Thus, a branding product with your logo is not merely a marketing tool for your organization. It is also a self-branding tool for your supporter – a personal identifier and a public declaration of his or her affinity for your mission. 

BONUS: your supporter needn’t reinforce his or her personal identity with a tattoo version of your logo! Your branding product will do the trick. 


FACTOID: Logo-products are a source of enormous branding power for nonprofits. That’s why the nonprofit sector is the largest consumer of products in the $2,000,000,000 promotional products industry. That number is Two Billion with a B!)

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