Branding Products

Marketing and strategyYears of research shows that nothing puts your organization’s identity in front of more people, more often , more positively AND with less cost per impression than quality logo-imprinted branding products.

But you must buy them wisely. And use them effectively. Otherwise you waste money and marketing opportunity. You might even hurt your nonprofit brand.

The following videos and essays will help you figure out what works and  what doesn’t – and why.  

Biggest Consumer Of logo-Imprinted Branding Products? Nonprofits!! Yes, NONPROFITS!  To the tune of several billion dollars a year. This is why….

This Is Where You Can Stick Your Logo: just about the coolest branding product to give a major stakeholder.

You Can Make A Dazzling Shopping Bag Out Of Three Recycled Water Bottles: the bag can billboard your 4-color graphics on all four sides and on the bottom, too

Logo Pens – a Waste of Money for Nonprofits: They just won’t do what you need them to do.

Mini-Speakers with Maxi-Sound for Portable DevicesThe crappy sound quality of cell phones, notebooks & similar products can be easily boosted with tiny portable speakers with your nonprofit logo.

Nonprofits Spend $40 Million a Year on These Things: Measuring cost per impression, frequency of use, pride of ownership – you get more bang for your buck!

The Incredible Upgrade – EyeMax Mug: If you are creative enough, this is where you can create the greatest impact

Goofy, Counter-intuitive Inside Story of Car Talk’s Iconic Fuzzy Dice: no other organization could pull this off

Color Contrast Matte Mugs – The Next Big Thing:  Not ready to replace the EyeMax, these are climbing in popularity with market-savvy nonprofits

 More Bang or Your Marketing Buck – the Limited Edition Gambit: pioneered with the mighty EyeMax, this principle can apply to other branding products

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Budget On Logo-Watches:  with thousands of branding products available, these can be a nonproductive and self-indulgent choice






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