EyeMax Mugs & Glasses


POWERFUL fundraising and branding tool here!

The Mug: EyeMax applies high definition color-saturated  graphics, paintings and photographs from top to bottom and almost from side to side. Several factories produce versions of this process. But for imprint quality and durability there is only one EyeMax.

The Technique: This video presents a handful of EyeMax Mugs and shows how they are used in Limited Edition Collector’s Edition Series. Many Market-Savvy stations use this fundraising tool because it builds community, increases affinity and produces new and repeat gifts – especially repeat gifts.

Want more information about how EyeMax is different from other mugs? Here is The Incredible EyeMax Mug 

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This red link opens product styles, specifications & prices: 

VisABILITY Collection of EyeMax Options 

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