Nonprofit Branding: Looking For The Most Powerful New Marketing Tool?

Since 1985, nonprofits around the country raised nearly $200 million using Logo-Mugs from VisABILITY.

This earlier post identified logo-mugs as great fundraising premiums & even better nonprofit marketing tools. Now we feature EyeMax – the next generation of logo-mug for nonprofit branding, nonprofit marketing and nonprofit fundraising. (We’re also spotlighting the new Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me EyeMax featuring Carl and Peter – available for all to admire, but only for public radio stations to buy. And we’ll preview the plane crash story.)

RECAP: Market research numbers are in the earlier post. They underscore this bottom line – when deciding how to build identity for your nonprofit, consider how people interact with a promotional message in standard media compared to one on a logo-mug:

Personal Behavior With Standard Media: We zip past a billboard. We turn the page on advertisements. We tune out many or most broadcast commercials. Our contact with these media is fleeting. Expensive repeat exposure is required before the messages they deliver can register.

Personal Behavior With a Logo-Mug: A favorite logo-mug is not transitory. It is used. Its message is personal: the logo-mug we pull out of the cupboard displays our nonprofit affinity. That mug sits on our desk or workbench or kitchen counter for all to see. Not only do we notice the message on our preferred mug, so does the much larger group that sees us using it. The ability to signal affinity turns a logo-mug into a portable, constantly visible form of branding for the nonprofit and a form of self-identification for the user.

That’s a powerful argument. It becomes even better with a better mug. So now comes the EyeMax – an exciting upgrade we think will generate massive reinforcement of nonprofit affinities….. and produce the next $200 Million for VisABILITY clients.

LIMITATION: Your imprint creates a mug’s branding power. Most carefully produced mugs can serve your organization’s marketing and fundraising needs. But standard mugs have a limitation: the FDA placed restrictions on ceramic inks. Many or most colors are now somewhat subdued. The imprint can no longer extend into the lip-contact area at the rim. Under these conditions it is tougher to produce an exciting, eye-catching mug.

SPACE RELIEF: FDA size restrictions do not apply to an EyeMax Mug. Your EyeMax design may extend from the very bottom of the mug to the very top. It can also wrap around from one side of the handle to the other.

DESIGN RELIEF: More important than larger imprint area: EyeMax imprints can be brilliant, color-saturated hues, 4-Color Process-PLUS, with flares of pigment that standard ceramic inks can’t achieve.

Those two forms of relief negate the limitations of standard logo-mugs. They allow an EyeMax mug to attract admiration from across the room.  That is why we think EyeMax Logo-Mugs will spotlight nonprofit brands and raise the next $200 million for VisABILITY clients.

EyeMax Tingles Your Creative Glands

Consider upgrading to the EyeMax Mug with an imprint that reflects your mission or your community. OR both. Offer EyeMax Mugs over a sequence of fundraisers, with each new mug being part of a limited edition collector’s series. These are techniques other clients are using successfully.

Public Participation: Invite community and constituent involvement when designing your EyeMax Mug.

Select a well-known local artist or photographer to submit a mission-related image. Or, form a selection committee and invite the entire local art community to submit designs. You could even ask for images of a notable landmark or event. If you want to further involve your constituency, you can post the submitted images on your website or Facebook page and ask constituents to vote for the image they would like on their mug.

Inviting constituents to help design your mug is a great way to make it important and desirable in a way that enhances its impact when you finally make it available to your market.

Product Series:  Here’s a technique to foster a sustainable-giving habit – offer a limited-edition collectors’ series of EyeMax Mugs as contributor incentives.

Because renewals are essential to survival, many VisABILITY clients introduce the newest edition with each solicitation or fundraising event. If you decide to imprint a community landmark on your first EyeMax Mug, make it the first in a Community Landmark Series of EyeMax Mugs. If your first EyeMax Mug features a work by a well-known local painter or photographer, make it the first EyeMax in a Local Artist Series.

Do this well and you’ll find a surprising number of people will automatically renew because they want to own the entire series. (Part of the reason for this attraction is explained in this earlier blog post: You do it. I do it. We all do it. That’s why the Lord of Logos rules the marketplace!)

NOTE: Half our readers are from outside the public radio industry. I ask them to forgive me for introducing a product that can be purchased only by stations. But this is a great example of what can be done with these mugs. To the public radio half of our readership: Hey, take a look above. We finally produced the new EyeMax Mug for Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! You’ll see it has the famed photo wrapped around the entire body – Carl Kassel and Peter Sagal sitting on a park bench and conspiring about coverage of the week’s news, with the National Inquirer as an official source and a soup can as their digital communications system.

COMING NEXT: The plane crashed into the mountainside, killing all those aboard except one. Her survival illustrates not just the most fundamental of human impulse, it illustrates the most fundamental branding impulse. A chilling tale; a branding metaphor. Next week! Meet us right here. Better yet, go to the upper right side of this post, subscribe to the Nonprofit Branding Blog and we’ll meet you in your inbox with a two sentence topic-summary every time we post

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