Nonprofit Branding: Fundraising Premiums – Boost or Burden?

In a perfect world your organization would receive all the revenue it needs.

This is not a perfect world. So, here is a tip….

When used properly, fundraising premiums make prospects who would otherwise sit on their hands decide to reach for their checkbook and support your mission.

Now we’ll explain how fundraising premiums work…..Following are links to seven posts on this blog. Each is a 3-minute read. They cover different, but interrelated, aspects of contributor incentives.  From these posts you can learn how to use premiums to boost your revenue and enhance your market position.

Fundraising Premiums: How & Why

Premiums can increase revenue. But you must understand how to use them. And why they work. The tips we offer are based on supplying branding products to over 16,000 fundraising and marketing programs.

Fundraising Premiums: Pro & Con

Beginning a 3-part series to discuss whether fundraising premiums are worth the effort and cost. It’s a big topic. We’ll cover it in several installments. First –  a list of the Pros & Cons. Let’s start with the negatives – they are pretty persuasive…

Fundraising Premiums: the discussion continues…..

The first post in this series listed a bunch of negative attributes. Only two positives. That started the conversation.

In this post we dig a little deeper into that list of Pros & Cons. We take them seriously. You should, too.

Part 3 – More Pros & Cons of Fundraising Premiums

The arguments for using contributor incentives are based on market research plus the experience of a broad range of large, successful nonprofits. Big brand-intensive organizations, profit and nonprofit alike, do not rely on guesswork, opinion and myth. Research guides every marketing practice.

Their endgame? They find that premiums shape market opinion, build constituencies and enhance brands. They also attract revenue from constituents who want to own an affinity-product bearing the brand of their favorite cause.

Fundraising Premiums – The Secret Sauce (& plenty of examples of perceived value)

There is a Secret Sauce to using fundraising premiums effectively. Before we get to the recipe – let’s define success & failure.

• A premium is a failure if it fails to pay for itself, if it disappoints the contributor and doesn’t get used, if it fails to effectively assert your organization’s identity and mission.

• A premium is a success if it pays for itself, reinforces your contributor’s affinity for the organization and serves as a free marketing tool by promoting your mission and identity to others and with no additional cost to you.

• A premium is a great success if it does the above and generates additional gift renewal and upgrade revenue you would not otherwise receive.

Beginning A 3-Part Series About Earth-Friendly Branding Products

Tricky topic here! Sustainability is on the nation’s radar. Kermit the Frog underscored the key premise 40 years ago: it isn’t easy being green. Be careful – lots of games are being played with product labels and claims. Nonprofit professionals will serve their constituencies better if they know the options, myths, and realities of earth-friendly branding products.

BOTTOM LINE: As we said last week…..premiums are effective because supporters want to flaunt the logo of their preferred public service organizations. This is a form of self-branding.

Properly select and communicate your premiums so they can become badges of affinity. Then your most loyal supporters will be likely to recognize the premium as a desirable must-have prod to action, a product that boasts of their commitment to your mission. That will make many prospects…. who otherwise would sit on their hands…. decide to reach for their checkbook.

In this blog you can find several more posts about using premiums. But these seven are enough to keep you busy for a while – and better informed for an entire career.



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