Nonprofit Branding: Logo Pens – a Waste of Money for Nonprofits

Even though logo-pens are the number one selling logo-imprinted branding product, I believe they are useless for nonprofits. The company president, Janice Gavan, disagrees with me. I’ll catch hell later, but here I happily present the minority view – my own. Please share your own conclusion and experience in the comment section below the video.

Photo Credit: Pasha_C / / CC BY-NC-SA

2 thoughts on “Nonprofit Branding: Logo Pens – a Waste of Money for Nonprofits

  1. I agree that logo pens might not be helpful to use for specific events like reminding someone of a 5k they ran. However, they are great to show how active a notproft is in the community.

  2. The person you give the pen to does not need to look fondly at the pen WHILE WRITING. He does that when he picks up the pen (each time). Comparing to a mug or bag does not work – huge price difference. Bottom line: People appreciate receiving it, as do those he shares it with. It does not reach a lot after the gift, but it is priced accordingly – actually a good deal.

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