NONPROFIT BRANDING: Too Busy Raising a Dime To Ask for a Dollar

iStock_000011530241XSmallThe man was generous. He was everyone’s Pal. He liked the organization. It was one of his favorites.

But the development director had his head in the sand. So, when the time came – the man gave away much of his fortune to a number of nonprofits.

Guess who got left out!

Do you make this mistake?

2 thoughts on “NONPROFIT BRANDING: Too Busy Raising a Dime To Ask for a Dollar

  1. One of Penelope Burk’s maxims is “Treat every donor like a major donor.” It’s not so much a misfire that they didn’t ask for more. The misfire is not stewarding this donor so they understood that the nonprofit deeply appreciated their support. They also, seemingly, missed the opportunity to convey how much impact a legacy gift could have. This is something all nonprofits should communicate in all their marketing materials. It doesn’t have to be a heavy-handed ask; just let folks know you’re in the legacy business.

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