NONPROFIT BRANDING: The Incredible Upgrade – EyeMax Mug

2_993_566_XP8164IThis is the upscale mug that reproduces photos and paintings with great fidelity and bright saturated2_1063_695_XP8156CT colors.

Thus mug enables you to harness the marketing and fundraising power of a Limited Edition Collectors Series. We explain that technique in the next post. But first – meet the EyeMax!

2 thoughts on “NONPROFIT BRANDING: The Incredible Upgrade – EyeMax Mug

    • Nice response. But wait….there’s MORE! The next blog post explains how to use these incredible mugs as limited edition collector’s items. There is an enormous amount of branding and fundraising power when you invite your constituency to submit the art and photos from which you select the one that will eventually be applied to the mug….and then do that in repeating cycles so a collectible series is created. We have dozens of clients using that technique now. So, check the next post – due to launch September 12.

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