NONPROFIT BRANDING: Through Betrayal A 7-Year Old Learns Branding Basics

grumpy-cowboy_lI’m 76 years old now. And still pissed at my former hero.

But he taught me a lesson – Basic Marketing 101.

It has stood me in good stead over the decades. And helped my clients and employers.

Put this lesson to use for your own nonprofit!

2 thoughts on “NONPROFIT BRANDING: Through Betrayal A 7-Year Old Learns Branding Basics

  1. John is my business partner – and my husband. We celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary over the weekend. I believe that I have heard him express his disappointment in his Gene Autry cap pistol for each of those 32 years. Some things time will not diminish.

    • Funny! I publish a snarky post & it gets a snarky response – from my WIFE! But the point is valid.

      If I really have been mentioning the incident all these years, it is merely to emphasize the fact that you cannot put a good logo on a crap product without damage to the organization’s represented by that logo. This issue pops up when VisABILITY clients look for the lowest price item instead of the one that will be prized and used and in the process – will flaunt their logo and achieve the biggest branding impact.

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