Nonprofit Branding: This Is Where To Stick Your Logo

iStock_000014853789SmallHow to define the Best Branding Product For Nonprofits?

You want to put your logo on an item people will respect, keep and use for years – the product that will build brand loyalty.

Like that idea? It’s tough to achieve. This product may be your best option.

It is a bit pricey. Not for wide distribution. But for major givers, board members, senior staff and other stakeholders in your public service enterprise – this is one cool branding product!

One thought on “Nonprofit Branding: This Is Where To Stick Your Logo

  1. Great balance to your “don’t put your name on flimsy objects because everyone will associate you with that flimsiness.” Subconsciously people will think “solid/dependable” or some-such if they’re using a Swiss Army Knife.

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