Nonprofit Branding: We Screwed Up A Good Organization

iStock_000016292144SmallStaff conflicts? Indifference? Team working in silos? This story may help you fix these common problems.

As a well intentioned board of directors, we underestimated the need for institutional focus and and the related need for internal (INTERNAL!) marketing. So, because we miscalculated, some staff played games, grew estranged and undermined mission. 

The story of a mistake you can avoid – plus a brief detour to claim that most mission statements are crap, but the principles of a good one are simple, obvious and essential.


2 thoughts on “Nonprofit Branding: We Screwed Up A Good Organization

  1. John, you are so right! Whether it’s a non-profit or a for-profit business, everyone tends to lose sight of the mission statement or assume everyone else is keeping it in mind. Some years back our manager had an idea…she would stop unexpectedly in the middle of our monthly staff meetings, randomly point to someone, and say “what is our mission statement?!” She did this at every meeting month after month. Pretty soon we could all recite the mission by rote. Kind of effective, eh?

    • Clever. I love it. This is a cool way to encourage people to publicly state a commitment to the organization’s focus and to their own role in contributing to its success…..or to acknowledge they are drifting into the ditch. It makes understanding and reinforcement to the mission a subject of affirmative peer pressure. Very cool….. Wish we had been smart enough to set up a mechanism like that earlier. But, I assure you, now that I have your suggestion I will pass it on to the administration with strong encouragement for implementation. Thanks!

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