Don’t Damage Your Brand (An Eye Opener!)

iStock_000017460377SmallWe supply logo-imprinted branding products to nonprofits.  So here’s an alert from VisABILITY: unless you understand them, promotional products – the stuff we sell – can be dangerous to your nonprofit brand. 

It may seem odd to receive this warning from a company that supplies the nonprofit sector with branding products. (Which we’ve been doing since 1985.)

It’s really not so strange. We come from the nonprofit world. We understand the affinity market. We know logo-imprinted branding products can be enormously powerful nonprofit marketing tools. 

Who is better positioned than VisABILITY to warn nonprofits about the damage these branding products can cause?

Here we explain how. And why. And what to do about it. (This is the first of a two part series. Here’s a link to the second part.)

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