Nonprofit Branding — Meet the Water Girls (This post is personal!)

MB900399956It says at the top “this post is personal.” The cheery clown signals how lucky our family and company were last September. Colorado’s flood disaster badly messed up Boulder County. Torrents thundered down from the High Country, pushing boulders and trees and houses and trucks through our town’s commercial and residential districts – heading for Nebraska. Thousands of people suffered  enormous loss. Our own problems were minor and now – 10 months later – we’re pretty much back to normal.  Soon we’ll resume posting to the Nonprofit Branding Blog.

Now it’s time for you to meet The Water Girls. (More about them below**.) Hear their version of what happened in the middle of that night!  This is their  November Ted Talk – the tale of the damned flood that wrecked our beautiful town, a video with song, grit, barn boots & FEMA Numbers – plus a joyful, indomitable spirit.  THIS is the anthem of Lyons, Colorado. 

You will enjoy – and you will remember – our anthem. The video begins with the actual warning siren that went off in the middle of the night, raising the question – in the face of a wall of water that sometimes reached eight feet, who in hell paused to record the thundering demand to retreat to higher ground. That harsh blare scared the crap out of everybody. It also saved many lives. Give a listen now- you are in for a treat.

Want another treat? Learn a little more about what’s at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. About what we were before the flood. And what we are again becoming.?   Here is an online visit to Lyons, Colorado……

** The water girls are bright, sassy professional musicians who play in national and regional bands – the kind of super-talented, creative people who inhabit our high-energy community on the edge of the mountain wilderness. 

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