VisALERT  LIBRARY – this is a roster of product related emails sent to the 800 stations in the nation’s public radio system



 August 20Public Radio Stations Used This To Raise Millions ……..PLUS – Trapped in a Logo-Orgy in Harvard Square!!

(Introduction to the Double Shot French Press PLUS video with true story. We could not get to Car Talk Plaza for lunch because of the frenzied mob wearing its Harvard Gang Colors & the lesson for nonprofits.  **The comment about Harvard Toilet Seats is the only exaggeration.**)

August 26 – Preview of the Carl Kassel Autobiography …..preview of personal tech items…. PLUS a retrospective look at a crappy contributor incentive only Car Talk could pull off!

(With excerpts from the first draft of Carl’s manuscript, a video of the incredibly funny promotion of the BoomBox in a Thimble produced by New Hampshire Public Radio and  – the absolutely true inside story of Car Talk’s Fuzzy Dice.)

 August 28 – Diving for Freebies PLUS First Roll-Out of NEW Fundraising Premiums for Public Radio

(Video of our Shameless Hustle….the PMDMC Freebie Feeding Frenzy -(only 10 seconds) – and then the first batch of new premiums for Fall Fundraising in Public Radio. PLUS a rant against logo-pens!)

September 2 – Second batch of quick peeks at new Fall public radio premiums

(Each one previewed in about 4 seconds and 14 words. PLUS introduction to the recycled shopping bag that keeps three water bottles out of a landfill.)

September 4 – NPR-Logo premiums – especially the NPR News Mug for fundraising and bragging

(NPR BoomBox in a Thimble; Pint glasses (the new rage) in both stainless steel and glass; & the NPR News Mug. PLUS a personal story asking whether the college president was an articulate professional or a pompous ass – with a lesson for all nonprofit leaders.)

September 9 – From Fresh Air & WWDTM – Funniest Contributor Incentives for Public Radio

(Carl Kasell’s book & the Fresh Air collection of Terry’s fascinating interviews with comedians and talk show hosts.PLUS, from the Nonprofit Branding Blog: how strategic planning initiatives, so highly regarded by nonprofit consultants, can be nothing more than Swamp Ga filled with jargon.)

September 11 – Incredible Wait Wait lineup for Fall Fundraising – crossword puzzle book, Newsclamation Mug, Beanie, Kleen Kanteeen stainless steel pint glass & water bottle; square matte black mug & CD

(For one of the top fundraising programs, this may be the richest lineup of program-related premiums of the Fall Fundraising. PLUS the story of a college vice president who asked a donor to keep the $5,000 check she tried to hand him – and how that one worked out!)

September 16Car Talk struts its recall-free record and Science Friday bust loose with One Great Logo!

(On T-shirts & new mug Car Talk distinguishes its record for quality with the auto industry’s record. Science Friday rolls out a new stainless steel water bottle and a new T-shirt of its own. PLUS – Burke confesses the riskiest and most offensive mistake of his career – and its results.)

September 18 – Set of NPR News Pint Cups in stainless steel & Radiolabs Duotone Mug 

(The pint cups can be purchased as a set with four news logos – or individually. The Radiolab is STUNNING!  So is the blog post – a super marketing lesson based on the tragedy in which one of Janice’s friends spent a winter night with her dead companions in a crashed plane on a New Hampshire mountainside.)

September 23 – ME & ATC roll out duo-tone black matte mugs and a big-ass 18 ounce Steel Traveler. We remind you of the great ATC/ME Double Shot French Press. PLUS – we include a blog post describing the Secret Sauce of successful Fundraising Premiums.

(Duo-tone black matte mugs & Steel Travelers are currently hot nationwide – but these are hotter still because they carry the logos of two of your top fundraisers. The commentary about the Secret Sauce should be helpful to newbies and successful old-timers who may have forgotten some of the basics.)

September 25 – This American Life: Ira’s newest Stage Show in DVD and Digital Download formats and the new TAL Totebag 

The main stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music hosted Ira and 50 of his most talented friends in this spectacular live presentation. Now available as a station premium in traditional DVD and cutting edge Digital Download.  Get the info here plus a preview of the show, check out the new TAL Tote and get your head straight on the difference between promotion and marketing. Don’t forget – you can access Ira’s promos from the TAL section of the PRX website.



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